Adopt a Block

I've recently been talking a little bit about our new "adopt a block" evangelism program. It's really very simple and you can do it at your own pace.

  • Just pick a block that you want to commit to reaching (the best would be the block you live on).
  • Then pick up some materials at church or Bible study (postcards, DVDs, books, CD sermons, etc.)
  • Address and send out your materials to the houses on your block. Start with just a few each week, and pray for your neighbors as you do!

I've attached some more detailed instructions to this article. If you have any questions, just ask me when you see me next (either Wednesday or Sunday).

I also attached our open letter to pastors. If you have a church in your block and would like to send the pastor a letter to encourage him in the ministry of the Word, please feel free to use this one. I'll have copies on church letterhead when we meet Wednesdays and Sundays. And, remember, the letter goes well with Ray Comfort's book God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life (and I have copies of this book, too!). And just so you know, we call this letter "The Deborah Letter" because of a wonderful sister in the Lord we met last year; she had a burden for reaching pastors, and this letter was initially her idea.