Child Rescue: Journal 02-10-2014

From Shane, January 31, 2014.

This past weekend we began our third year of Bible Quizzing.  We now have four teams between our two churches with 13 of our kids are involved.  It is great for them to memorize God’s Word and helpful in improve their memory ability for school as well.  Some of the kids do better than others.  I just ask them to do their best.  

Our opening tournament was awesome.  I was giggling about half the time.  We have two of our youngest boys who are now eligible to Bible Quiz.  What struck me as so funny is the shear size difference of the boys.  When thy stand to answer a question they are shorter than the other kids sitting beside them.  It is really cute.  And I am proud to say they did awesome.  Juanito won third place of the guys for the day.  And Geovany did well also.

Bible Quizzing is one of the few sports where the little guys can beat up the big guys and get away with it.  And when they each answered their first questions a mighty roar of and applause went up.  Everybody loves to cheer for an underdog.  It was fun and the best part is each of the kids are learning the inerrant, incorruptible, everlasting Word of God.  Our hope is to get it in their minds and pray it sinks to their hearts.