Forcefully Pressed Upon a Sinner

Present-day preaching only pays lip service to the concept that a man must recognize himself to be a sinner before he can genuinely embrace the Saviour.

Hosts of Christians have a dreadful fear of God's law, as if it were the useless relic of a past age... Our Saviour used the law as a primary tool of evangelism [as did the Apostle Paul; 1Tim 1.8-11]. The preaching of the law is the only way to teach a sinner his guilt and thereby stir within him a desire for God's grace.

It is God's law that convicts of sin. Until its condemnation of particular evils is forcefully pressed upon a sinner, he will not flee to Christ for mercy.

~ Taken from Today's Gospel: Authentic or Synthetic? by Walter J. Chantry