IHOP Exposed by Rolling Stone

Dave mentioned the Rolling Stone magazine article exposing IHOP's weird, sexual, and cultish "ministry." He heard Todd Friel talking about the article on his Wretched Radio program this last week. I've attached Todd's 15-minute radio podcast (Wretched Segment of the Day - January 23, 2014) and a PDF of Rolling Stone's article (Love and Death In the House of Prayer). Here's an excerpt of that article: 

The Song of Solomon, a dialogue between King Solomon and his beloved, should become a focus of Bickle's ministry. It eventually came to Bickle that true believers must see Jesus "through the eyes of a bride with loyal, devoted love" – they must "feel loved and in love" with Christ. Without this intimacy in worship, Christ would not return to Earth.

...the Second Coming depends upon "romantic communion" with Christ...

"Very quickly, there were sensual escapades with God," a former intern says, meaning that some people's private imaginings turned explicit after exposure to IHOP's "bridegroom" Christ. She says that an instructor told her, "God is using his word to kiss you." The intern heard stories of IHOPers fantasizing about having "orgies with Jesus" and "sex with God."

The IHOP movement is not biblical Christianity. It's a cultish movement based on a charismatic personality and a warped understanding of man's relationship to God in Christ. If you are in IHOP, get out (and get out fast). If you know someone who has been attracted to and indoctrinated by IHOP, do your best to inform them of the dangers of this sect so they, too, can get out (and get out fast).

For more resources on IHOP, what they believe and teach, please visit the following page on this site: