Shawn Holes: Preaching in Aspen & Vail

Full Update | Shawn's Luke 10:2 Web Site

I just got an update from street preacher, Shawn Holes, and I thought I'd pass on some hightlights since I find this guy very encouraging! 

I just got back from traveling to Colorado. It went extremely well in regards to the Lord giving traveling mercies. I had some precious times seeking the Lord and I had amazing opportunities to preach and to witness. I was in Aspen and Vail but never made it to the front range to preach.  Aspen was in a frenzy because of the Winter X-Games. I was blessed to preach to the tourists and skiers/snowboarders. Young people are really drawn to the preaching and I was able to at one meeting get a crowd in the middle of town and even had a couple hecklers. 

While in Aspen I was told that I could not amplify.  I have never been told that.  It worked out though because I ended up in the middle of town and the acoustics were fantastic. 

An atheist (somebody who has faith in making an absolute statement that God does not exist) in Aspen while I was preaching was intent on trying to get me to stop preaching so that I could converse with him.  I asked him if he would please be patient while I answered his questions loud enough for everybody to hear. Really what he wanted me to do is stop telling everybody about Jesus.  Plenty of people were hearing and to stop for just one person was not going to happen. If there wasn’t a crowd I would have certainly stepped down and entertained his remarks.  Anyway, just as it usually happens, when conviction sets in then the heckler flees (he fled).  Or in other words, when light shines cock roaches take cover.  He heard enough Gospel and enough apologetics to have a few sleepless nights.  It was so amazing though because others were nodding their heads in agreement to the answers I had for the hope that was in me!

This was another day in Vail when people stopped to listen and people came to me while I preached and encouraged me.  Not everybody hates Jesus or the preaching of the cross! 

I am hoping to go to BSU again this week.  I no longer have the Van I was traveling in.  There is a vehicle in Florida that I may be able to pick up in a few weeks and then venture back here to Boise visiting campuses and hopefully some churches along the way…  I am praying for another VW camper van for ministry someday.  Hopefully, something more modern than the last one and more suitable for the type of traveling I do. I had a 1985 Vanagon but what i really need is the 2000-2002 Eurovan Weekender poptop.  If you know someone that has the means to get this kind of vehicle then please put them in contact with us…Its in the Lords hands.

Just Google "Shawn Holes" or "Shawn the Baptist" and you can watch many of his videos of him out on the streets and at the universities. Great guy!