The Biblical Goals of Evangelism

What are our responsibilities in this process of God saving a lost sinner? There are two and they are our "goals" in evangelism. These two goals are what God expects of us in the initial work of making a disciple (salvation). Our two goals (God's two expectation for us in evangelism for which He will judge us) are these: [1] Go: God expects us to go out into the world, to seek out sinners and be among them; [2] Sow: God expects us to “sow the seed” of the Gospel by speaking (witnessing) to those lost sinners.

The Biblical Means of Evangelism

In this message we take a look at what the Bible says about the "means" of evangelism, since that is how a disciple is made (in the sense of "created")--it's the first step in the discipleship process. What are the components of the process that God uses to save a sinner (to "evangelize" the sinner)? These components are the "means" God uses to save a sinner; there are four general components of the process through which God saves a sinner.

What is Discipling?

There is one more term we need to define in our study of discipleship: "Discipling." This new term is not hard to understand, but we also need to remember just who is responsible for "discipling." The answer is simple: Every disciple is responsible for discipling. In this message we review many of the principals and passages we've looked at before, but it's necessary in order to tie up some loose ends and move on to the next part of our study on discipleship: The Biblical Philosophy of Discipleship.

Growing Our Faith

As Greg was away preaching at Crest Bible Church I (Karl) got the opportunity to fill the pulpit. As we have been discussing discipleship over the last few weeks I've been reminded of my favorite passage on growing our Christian faith - Rom 5:1-5.

What is Discipleship?

Our biblical definition of a disciple now helps us to define biblical discipleship. Since the term disciple, in the Book of Acts, refers to a true believer (a Christian), then discipleship refers to the process that believer goes through to becoming like Jesus. Discipleship, then, is as we have said before: The normal Christian life because it is the “norm” that God expects from all His children (it begins with the new birth and continues with spiritual growth/maturity). Discipleship, in its most general terms, is God's work of restoring His image in lost man.

What is a Disciple?

Discipleship: The Mission, Message #3 Where do we start in order to understand discipleship? If discipleship refers to being and making disciples, then a good place to start would be with the term "disciple." What is a disciple? What does the Bible say about disciples? That's our question that we intend to answer in this message. The question can be answered easily enough: A disciple is a Christian, a saved believer. But that answer needs some further explanation...

Our Mission: Be and Make Disciples!

Last Sunday (our first service as Harvest Baptist Church) we studied what the Bible says about our purpose. Why are we here to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. In this message we focus on what the Bible says about what we are to do in order to fulfill our life's purpose of glorifying God and enjoying Him forever.

Our Purpose: Why Are We Here?

Why are we here... starting a new church?

I believe that one of the most important things we can do, being a brand new church, is to clarify our purpose: Why are we doing this? By defining our purpose and always keeping that purpose in the forefront of everything we do, we can (hopefully) avoid the many pitfalls that get ministries side-tracked today.

Our purpose (as a church and as individuals) is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.