Eph 6.17: The Sword of the Spirit


Sunday, December 9, 2012
Ephesians 6.17: The Sword of the Spirit

We are never to "keep back the sword" (Jer 48:10). In this morning's message we look at how we are to allow the Spirit of God weild the word of God and how we are never to let anyone take the sword out of our hands or tell us to put it away.

Eph 6.17: The Helmet Of Salvation

Sunday, December 2, 2012
Ephesians 6.17: The Helmet Of Salvation

Our minds are where the spiritual battle is fought and the helmet of salvation is what we have to protect our minds. This morning we looked at the fact that the enemy will attack the minds of both the lost and the saved and at the need for Christians to learn and use scripture to protect themselves.


Eph 6.16-17: The Shield Of Faith

Sunday, November 25, 2012
Ephesians 6.16-17: The Shield Of Faith

The shield of faith can quench all the enemy's well-aimed, personal attacks against you but you must raise up that shield to block each fiery dart.
This Sunday we looked at the fiery darts of the enemy and the faith that protects us like a shield. 


Eph 6.15: Prepare Your Feet

Sunday, November 18, 2012
Ephesians 6.15: Shod your feet in preparation to preach the gospel

What can we learn from a pair of shoes? What can we learn about our preparation in the gospel of peace? The Roman soldier wore what we might call "sandals"...

  • They were tied on to the soldier's his feet with numerous straps.
  • They had thick leather soles embedded with hobnails or bits of rock for increased traction.
  • And, because they were leather, they would become more and more comfortable with constant wear.

Preaching is the Principal Thing

Sunday, November 11, 2012
Guest Preacher: Alexander Vargas from Eastside Church, Costa Rica

An encouraging exhortation from 1Corinthians 9.15-18 to continue preaching the Gospel to the lost by one of the leaders of Eastside Church in San José, Costa Rica.

Eph 6.14b: Breastplate of Righteousness

Sunday, November 4, 2012
Ephesians 6.14b: God has given us righteousness, so put it on!

God has given us His righteousness as a breastplate. His righteousness is imputed to us (fully, completely, permanently) at the moment of our conversion and salvation. Now, having received that righteousness legally and positionally, we need to live like it practially and personally!

Eph 6.14a: Gird Your Loins With Truth

Sunday, October 28, 2012
Ephesians 6.14a: Truth is vital in our spiritual warfare against the devil

We must receive the truth of God in Scripture alone and rest on Scripture alone as the truth of God.

If we refuse to gird our loins with truth... If we refuse to receives Scripture and Scripture alone as the source of God's special, specific revealed truth to us...

Eph 6.11b-13: Be Strong & Do It!

October 21, 2012
Ephesians 6.11b-13: Stand firm and fulfill the mission!

Most of God's people today don't care about the Mission. Take a few minutes and look over the graphic above of the poster “Who Cares...?

Eph 6.10-11a: Two Commands for the Soldier

October 14, 2012
Ephesians 6.10-11a: Two Commands for the Soldier Going to Battle

In order to be victorious in the daily spiritual battles of the Christian life, we must obey the commands to be strong and put on the whole armour of God.

Eph 6.9: The Spiritual Warfare of Masters

Sunday, September 30, 2012
Ephesians 6.9: The Masters' Fight for "Success" in the Workplace

In the instructions God gives to masters, we can see His expectations for the "boss" in the modern day workplace.