Church History Recommendation

Title: History of the Churches
Author: David Cloud
Web Site:

Church history is an important topic of study for any Christian, and this is probably one of the best, easiest to read, books on the subject that I know of. Here is the summary given of the book on the web site: 

This exciting course on church history begins with the apostolic churches and ends with the early 1800s. (We intend to deal with modern church history in a separate course.) The author believes that sound New Testament churches have existed side by side with the apostate churches throughout the centuries, including the darkest hours of the Middle Ages when Rome was at the height of her power. In the first section, we deal with the characteristics of apostolic churches. The next section covers "The Budding of Apostasy 100-700 A.D." Under this section, we deal with the development of the Roman Catholic "church," the church fathers, the progress of true churches, and the persecutions by pagan emperors. The next sections cover the Roman Catholic Church 700-1500 A.D., the Waldenses, the Roman Catholic Inquisition, the Bible in the Middle Ages, John Wycliffe and the Lollards, the Protestant Reformation, the Catholic Counter-Reformation, the Bibles of the Reformation, the Anabaptists of the Reformation, and Revival and Missions in the 1700s. The course contains 111 rare illustrations. 400 pages, 7X8, perfect bound $19.95.