The Place Of The Dead

Death, Hell, Sheol and Hades - Where do the dead go?

In this study we take a look at what the Bible says about the places people go when they die. Here's the outline:

  1. A quick (and cursory) review of the original languages
  2. Hell (sheol/hades) has two sections (two compartments or areas): Luke 16.19-31.
  3. Sheol (hell, the grave, the place of the dead in the Old Testament) is in the heart of the earth.
  4. In the Old Testament, all the dead (saints and wicked) went to hell (sheol, hades). Note: This probaby doesn't mean what you think it means but you'll have to listen to find out. :-)
  5. Christ went to hell (sheol/hades) for three days and three nights after His death on the cross.
  6. After three days and three nights in Paradise (Abraham's Bosom), in the heart of the earth, Christ rose from the dead, took all the Old Testament saint out of Abraham's Bosom, and took them to heaven (into the presence of God the Father).
  7. Today, Abraham's Bosom is “closed” and Paradise is in the third heaven (God's presence).